Loss of Lieutenant - An Infinity The Game Podcast

LoL Special - The First Definitive Infinity Tier List with Rob Cantrell

May 21, 2022

Following a thread on the FB IGC page of someone looking for a tier list, Nick called Rob's bluff and the two ended up making one.


As we both believe tier lists do not apply to Infinity in the same way as they do in other arenas, They thought that made them the best suited to produce such a list. This has been produced for entertainment purposes and should be considered more of an opinion piece than stone cold facts! We had fun, so I hope you do too.


This is the audio of the full video which can be found on Rob's YouTube channel, please make sure you like and subscribe - https://youtu.be/fzjgSh0c4jA 


We recorded in front of a live audience via the LoL Discord - you can join here: https://discord.gg/mqmy69CAD5 


The final image can be found on our socials and discord



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